Seeking Shalom Conference 2017 is a day of ecumenical examination of what it means to be Christ in a changing world.

Discipleship is difficult

Time is rare

What does it mean to follow Christ rather than just learn about him?

Is it costly to follow Christ and actually live and be in a unique way?

How do we cultivate community in a way that affects our lifestyles, our priorities, and our very way of being?

Saturday, July 29 • 10am – 8pm

Seeking Shalom is for anyone looking for answers to those questions.

This conference is oriented toward any serious Christ-follower who wants to allow Christ to change their very way of being.

So we are inviting:

-ordinary Christians

-youth of 6th – 12th grade


-youth leaders


-sunday school teachers

-youth mentors

-community organizers

-teachers/coaches/role models